Why Buy Fairfield Gardens' Lip Balm?


- You're looking for a great lip balm;
- You're concerned about what goes into your skincare products;
- You're interested in where those ingredients come from;
- You're concerned about how the ingredients and the final product affect the environment;
- You want the "buy local" philosophy to extend to more than food;
- You would like to support a home-grown business.

In addition, all Fairfield Gardens lip balms are: 

natural_ingredientsxsmall 100% natural - made with organic beeswax, plant oils, pure essential oils and natural botanical extracts only (see the Ingredients List for more details).
union_jacks_row at least 75% British - almost all of the ingredients have been grown or produced in the UK.
made_in_britain_logo made in Britain - all of the lip balms are manufactured and packaged in Wales.
bunny_and_chicks_xsmall vegetarian and cruelty-free - no animlas have been harmed in the making of my products.
crops_in_field_xsmall sustainable - I use sustainable ingredients and ingredients whose production will not put a strain on the natural environment.
green_footprint eco-friendly - the final products are all biodegradable and most of the packaging used is either recylable or biodegradable.  As most of the ingredients come from Britain, the lip balm also has a small carbon footprint.
cornwall-padstow-04 free from petroleum-based ingredeints - no mineral oils, no petrolatun, no liquid paraffin.
natural_perfume_xsmall free from synthetic fragrances and flavours - all of the aromas are from pure essential oils and natural botanical extracts.
white_flower_blue_skyxsmall free from artificial colours - the lovely golden colour of the lip balm comes from the beeswax and plant oils used to make it.
rosemary-02 free from synthetic preservatives - I use a natural rosemary extract to preserve the quality of the lip balms.